Art in the Age of Now - By The Lamington Group


We were recently invited to the pre-opening launch of "Art in the Age of Now" by our serviced apartment partners - The Lamington Group, which was being held at the iconic Victorian Fulham Town Hall in West London.

It was an incredible show and is spread across every nook and corner of the 51,000 sq ft of this majestic building to showcase some of London's finest artists.

After months of lockdowns and government restrictions, we were glad to finally be able to go to a lively work event and support our serviced apartment partners as well as the local community.

After the exhibition closes on the 6th June 2021,  the Fulham Town Hall will undergo a full redevelopment to transform it into a brand new creative community hub and boutique hotel for 2022. 

Here's a snapshot of the people we met and the incredible pieces we saw at the show:

With Robert Godwin, MD at Lamington Group

With artist Ariadne Danes demonstrating her augmented reality enhanced artworks.

The beautiful stain glass panes seen as we walk through the building.

The main hall.

With Alex Handley from the Lamington Group

All photos are ©2021 

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