The Biggest Benefit of Remote Working

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Remote working, once only a perk some employers offered, is now the new norm for more and more businesses.

People are looking beyond the four walls of their house as lockdown eases and travel starts to open up and some are even considering moving to a new city for a few months while still being in full time employment, because they can do this with the flexibility that remote working offers. 

Whether it is a staycation or a short term home-away-from-home, serviced apartments in London offer remote workers everything they need to be safe, comfortable, fully independent, socially distant and productive. 

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The flexibility to work from anywhere

Before Covid working away from the office wasn't easy for everyone but that all changed with the lockdown and businesses had to make it possible for staff to adapt to this new mode of work life (except the key workers of course). 

Now that everyone has some infrastructure in place for remote working, and working away from the office is more the norm, we see some even considering using this opportunity to go beyond their home and take their work with them. 

The telecommunications industry has helped every size of company and both types - self-employed and non-self-employed - employees with better technology to be more productive and communicate effectively within teams, one of the biggest challenge when not physically present in an office.

There are still quarantine and lockdown concerns, but many countries like the UK are opening up and some like Barbados are even starting to promote remote-working visas. 

We are seeing a new trend emerging and a desire to relocate for a short to mid-term, not for work but while working. Perhaps the "digital nomad" way of life will slowly become more mainstream.

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Remote working in a London serviced apartment

Firstly in London, across the board you will see businesses and local services from transport, supermarkets, retail outlets, hotels and restaurants and delivery services all implementing increased cleaning and safety procedures to reduce any risk of spreading the virus and encourage social distancing. 

Accommodation providers such as serviced apartments are adopting extra sanitisation processes and providing a safe self-contained and fully inclusive home from home to anyone looking to work remotely. 

Work-in-Residence by The Ascott

The Ascott which operates serviced apartments such as Citadines Holborn, Citadines South Kensington and Citadines Barbican are launching a "Work in residence" initiative adapting their serviced suites into work spaces and providing not just the usual free wireless internet but also a dedicated workstation, regular housekeeping, complimentary coffee and tea or complimentary parking at selected serviced residences.

The company says essentials such as high-speed WiFi, wide-screen monitor, webcam for videoconferencing and Bluetooth speakers with microphones are available on demand. Task lights, wireless charging stand for tablets and mobile phones, adequate power plugs and USB charging ports, as well as a stationery kit are provided to guests.

Work stations 

Serviced apartments such as Stay Camden, Bridgestreet Kings Wardrobe, The Rosebery also provide separate work desks in addition to free wireless internet, washing machine, linen and towels, cleaning services and a fully equipped kitchen so you don't need to leave the apartment for water, snacks or meals.

Contact-free check-in and housekeeping

Serviced apartments such as The Gate Aparthotel, Arlington House Apartments,  LAK serviced apartments offer contact-free check-in, housekeeping and cleaning services for additional hygiene and safety of both staff and guests in the apartments.

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