Top 3 things clients want when booking serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are an extremely practical accommodation solution for short stays, long stays, corporate travel or corporate housing requirements.

There is so much choice so it is essential to know exactly what criteria is most important to narrow down the most suitable options in order to ensure an enjoyable experience for the guest.

With over 10 years experience, our team have become very familiar with some of the most important things clients look for when booking serviced accommodation. 

Here are the top 3 things clients want when booking serviced apartments: 

1. Walking distance to the office or transport 
The number one thing that all clients first want to know about is how convenient the location is in terms of distance from their office, walking to the station or another major point of interest that they are visiting.

Most will consider up to a 10-20 minute walk on average. 

Being within walking distance just makes it incredibly easy for the guest during the stay because you just don't have to worry about navigating through the local transport systems (even if they are really well connected with frequent services) and it means you have a lot more flexibility with your time.

If staying withing walking distance is just not possible, then a good alternative is to stay close to a station that has quick transport links to the destination. The London Underground network is excellent in terms of its connections and with a little bit of research you should be able to narrow down some great neighbourhoods that are on a direct line or an easy change from your location.

Having local knowledge helps us tremendously when we get asked this question and we are also able to offer advice on commuting, local routes and access depending on the client's needs. 

2. Within budget
Budget is the next big consideration.

Some clients work with specific allowances they are given by their company's or travel policies. They may or may not have to share this budget with other colleagues and may make the search easier or more difficult depending on the individual's preferences.

Some clients have a fixed maximum limit they are willing to spend.

Some clients have an approximate range but may have some specific requirements like lifts in the building or air-conditioning in the apartment.

Our general advice is to be realistic about the prices as you usually get what you pay for so the more basic the accommodation in terms of furnishings, services and amenities, the lesser the price and vice versa.

Here's our serviced apartment guide if you aren't sure how much it costs to stay in a serviced apartment.

3. Reliable quality 
Reliability is the third aspect of the accommodation we believe most clients place a lot of importance on because this gives them that added peace of mind and reassurance that they will be looked after, even if anything unexpected was to happen. 

The 24 hour emergency assistance, reputable company management teams and regular housekeeping are what makes serviced apartments more reliable that private rentals, even though they may often be higher in price.

We feature many serviced apartments who are independently accredited by the ISAAP which carefully assesses  and inspects serviced apartment operators and agencies to ensure they are complying with best practice and legal requirements of the industry with regards to furnishings, health, safety, duty of care and customer service.

If you see these logos associated with the property you know that are compliant or accredited by ISAAP.

Reviews and ratings are another good indicator to check how the accommodation is being managed and the experience other guests have had so we highly recommend reading or asking for previous guest reviews before you book.

What is important to you?

If you would like help finding serviced accommodation to match your specific needs or criteria, talk to our experts today. 

We've visited and booked many properties for guests around the city so it is likely we can give you great advice on what's realistic and how you can tick your boxes or get the best value for your budget.

Give us a call or email us today to ask about a serviced apartment in London.

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