Different check-in procedures for serviced apartments

Checking-in is one of the most important parts of your stay experience.

Serviced apartments have different types of check-in facilities based on the management company that operates the accommodation.

Some feature hotel-style check-in reception desks and some require you to collect the keys from the management office so it is worth making yourself familiar with the check-in process before you arrive and also advise the apartment company of your time of arrival, where possible.

Types of check-in facilities you can expect:

Reception or concierge desk 

Many serviced apartments offer a hotel-style reception or concierge service from where you can collect your keys on arrival.

Some are available 24 hours of the day and some only operate during the day or office hours i.e 9am - 6pm.

Many clients prefer to have this type of check-in as it is the most convenient option, however this added service could mean a high price per night when compared to other serviced apartments without this facility.

Meet & greet on arrival

Some properties do not have a reception desk or concierge or any staff working on the premises itself and offer guests a Meet and Greet service on arrival.

They always require the guest to provide the estimated time of arrival well in advance to make sure one of their representatives are available for the check-in,

The apartment staff usually also offer a familiarisation tour of the apartment in addition to meeting you so that you can nicely settle into your new home and ask any questions about the appliances or services.

Self check-in

Where on-site staff and a Meet and Greet service is not available, serviced apartments operate a self-check in procedure for collecting the keys.

Here you would be expected to locate and operate a key safe on the premises to access the keys or use a key code on the door to enter the apartment, where the keys may be left along with any other check-in documentation.

This may not be great if you prefer to meet someone in person on arrival, but it does give you the flexibility to arrive at your own convenience.

Key collection

In some cases, keys need to be picked up from the apartment management office, which is usually very local and mostly a short walk or taxi ride away.

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