What should I bring to London - Useful things to pack for a London trip

As Londoners, we're often asked for tips on what to bring or have handy when visiting London. So we've put together our pick of useful items you could bring along with you or buy while you are in the city.

There maybe things on here that would be useful to keep handy even if you are travelling to other parts of the UK too.

Here are the essential things you should pack for any trip to London:

Collapsible Umbrella

A travel size umbrella is always handy to have because it rains throughout the year in the UK varying from light showers to heavy downpours. You could also have a coat with a large hood or carry a fold-up raincoat in your bag.

Portable Charger

A portable charger has become an absolute must-have helping you keep your smartphone, iPad and other portable gizmos charged up on-the-go. There are so many varieties out there, so find one that matches the size you want to carry around or has the necessary specs for multiple charging sessions.

This rain-resistant and shock-proof power bank looks extremely useful especially as it could also recharge itself under the sunlight in an emergency.

Trackable bags

Did you know you can now buy bags with tracking devices in them?

These soft briefcases from Isaara perfectly combine elegant craftsmanship with cutting edge bluetooth & GPS technology, bringing you a high-quality travel bag that can be tracked down.

Suitcases too have become really smart in the last couple of years. They now come with GPS tracking technology to track their location, built-in scales to weigh its contents, integrated power banks to charge your smart devices and remote digital locking functionality.

Like the Bluesmart Smart Suitcase.

Universal Adaptor plug

You are sure to need an adaptor or two when you travel to the UK from another country that has different electrical mains.

We recommend this one.

Hand-sanitiser and Lip balm

You will notice many Londoners whipping out their anti-bac gel after coming out of the underground, or in a restaurant before the meal is served. Especially in the winter months, when cold season is upon us, hand-sanitising wipes or anti-bacterial gel also keep germs away.

You will quickly notice that the weather in the UK is quite dry and you will find yourself reaching out for moisturising cream and lip balm more frequently. Having a twisty roll-on or tin of Vaseline or Caramex to hand could avoid embarrassing and uncomfortable chapped lips.

These are widely available across Boots, Superdrug, Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury and other supermarkets.

Card holder
You are bound to collect many cards during your London stay, from an Oyster card, Store loyalty cards, Restaurant point cards and maybe other business card. So having a convenient and good quality card holder separate from your wallet is always a good idea.
Comfortable shoes

Flat, soft sole shoes are the perfect choice for footwear in London. There are plenty of ashionable shoes that come in flat ranges so you don't have to compromise your style.

Also pick ones that would be fine in a bit of rain, because the chance of a shower while you are in town is quite likely.

A reusable bag 
All supermarkets now charge 5p for plastic bags to help the environment so its worthwhile carrying a cloth bag or reusable bag for when you are out and about.

Expert help

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