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13 Feb 2017

Useful Must Haves for London

As Londoners, we're often asked for tips on what to bring or have handy when visiting London. So we've put together our pick of useful items you could bring along with you or buy while you are in the city. There maybe things on here that would be useful to keep handy even if you are travelling to other parts of the UK too.

Here are the essential things we think every London visitor should have on them...

10 Jan 2017

Tips to avoid catching the Flu in London

For the average Londoner, catching a seasonal cold, sore throat or a nasty flu during the winter months is to be expected. People think that travelling on the underground network, is one of the most likely places you will pick up a cold, cough or flu, but really these germs and viruses could be anywhere like door handles, card machines etc.

Cold and flu are spread through sneezes and coughs and by touching surfaces with germs. During the cold weather, when the effectiveness of our immune systems is reduced, these viruses affect our nose and throat and can produce symptoms like nasal and chest congestion, headaches, muscle pains, hacking coughs and high temperatures.

We've got some stay-well tips for you to keep the germs away...

28 Nov 2016

Infographic: Things to do in London at Christmas

Are you visiting London this Christmas?

Well you are in for a treat because London puts on a fantastic array of festive activities and events every year during Christmas from authentic European-inspired markets, breath-taking shows, heart-warming carol singing and so much more.

Being based in central London makes it easy for us to enjoy some of these amazing festive experiences and because we know it can be difficult to pick and choose the best, we have put together a handy list of Christmas events you shouldn't miss!

Click here to see our top things to do in London at Christmas infographic.

14 Nov 2016

Live the Hygge way in a serviced apartment

Go Native Hyde Park

While it may not be easy to pronounce, the art of living the Hygge way has been one of this year's major trends and become an obsession for many of us here in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

Some are still trying to describe it and countless books are covering the matter in great detail, but it seems that this Danish lifestyle is really about something very simple - living a happy life and spending quality time with loved ones. 

Cosiness, candles, coffee, cycling, community, clocking off work on time and comfortable clothing are some of the things that constantly seem to get associated with the Danes and also probably some of the reasons why this nation made it to number #1 as the world's happiest country (World Happiness Report 2016).

We'd all like to make more time for "Hygge". It is one of the reasons why we book special family vacations, surprise romantic breaks or make it a work-holiday and bring the loved ones along. 

After checking out more than 1000 apartments in the city, we'd like to share with you some of the ways in which you could have a more "Hygge" stay when you book a serviced apartment here in London. 

17 Oct 2016

6 reasons why we love the new Room2 Aparthotel

We visit serviced apartments around the city of London all the time and every now and then a new property invites us around that does something exciting, something new, something we haven't seen before. 

Room2 recently opened its doors on the leafy Hammersmith Grove in West London and on closer inspection, we noticed some really interesting and new customer touchpoints that certainly make it a cool, trendy and a very comfortable place to rest your head when visiting the capital for work or holiday. 

Here's what we liked the most...