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22 Mar 2017

Best Serviced Apartment Kitchens 2017

Imagine checking-in to your accommodation in London only to find a stylish sleek kitchen waiting to welcome you to your home from home. Why not, all of the serviced apartments on Check-in-London come with fully equipped kitchens or kitchenettes, and some are truly breathtaking.

Needless to say, you won't find any of these in a hotel or airbnb rental. Did we also mention, they come with dishwashers and washer dryers? Ideal for short or long stays.

So for a truly special self-catering experience pick an apartment with a kitchen that you can't wait to dine-in and spend quality time or just relax with loved ones or friends and colleagues.

Take a look at some of the ones below:

13 Feb 2017

Useful Must Haves for London

As Londoners, we're often asked for tips on what to bring or have handy when visiting London. So we've put together our pick of useful items you could bring along with you or buy while you are in the city. There maybe things on here that would be useful to keep handy even if you are travelling to other parts of the UK too.

Here are the essential things we think every London visitor should have on them...

10 Jan 2017

Tips to avoid catching the Flu in London

For the average Londoner, catching a seasonal cold, sore throat or a nasty flu during the winter months is to be expected. People think that travelling on the underground network, is one of the most likely places you will pick up a cold, cough or flu, but really these germs and viruses could be anywhere like door handles, card machines etc.

Cold and flu are spread through sneezes and coughs and by touching surfaces with germs. During the cold weather, when the effectiveness of our immune systems is reduced, these viruses affect our nose and throat and can produce symptoms like nasal and chest congestion, headaches, muscle pains, hacking coughs and high temperatures.

We've got some stay-well tips for you to keep the germs away...