Serviced Apartment Companies Respond to COVID-19

The serviced apartment industry has always been proactive and serious about cleanliness and safety, and never has this been more apparent that in the last couple of weeks when we all are being faced with the threat of spreading the Coronavirus.

Across the board we are seeing our diligent and thoughtful partners taking measures to ensure the health and safety of their staff and our guests. 

Here are some of the initiatives that are being implemented:

  • Serviced apartments are still open and not closed
  • Housekeeping teams where available are working tirelessly to ensure the highest level of safety and hygiene
  • Greeting staff with approved face masks, gloves, with handing over of Anti-Viral treated keys and minimal interaction
  • Disinfectant gloves/face masks can be provided upon request
  • A work-from-home policy for non-essential staff as advised by the government
  • Serviced apartments are offering flexibility with booking cancellations and amendments
  • They are adhering to self-isolation policies advised by the government

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Crown Lawn Apartments
"We have enhanced our overnight cleaning with every apartment interior being treated with dethal-grade disinfectant. 

We are well prepared and working tirelessly to put the safety of our staff and guests at the forefront of all our services."

Photo Credit: Stephen Hanna


STAY Camden

"Currently STAY Camden remains open and we’ve put processes in place to mitigate risk: increased frequency of cleaning in all shared spaces and apartments, hand sanitiser available in reception, controlled entry and any guests displaying symptoms, no matter how small, will be advised to self-isolate. "


"All our buildings are currently free of the Covid-19, our housekeeping teams are working painstakingly in both the apartments and public areas to reduce any potential spread. "



Anti-Viral Treatment - All apartments treated with Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacteria on soft and hard surfaces and all items within your apartment

Safety First Meet & Greets - Greeting staff with approved face masks, gloves, with handing over of Anti-Viral treated keys and minimal interaction

Housekeeping and Maintenance - Staff service apartments weekly, or we provide a bespoke weekly bed linen and towel drop and collect service

Staff Safety Precautions - Sanitizing agents provided to all staff with regular briefings of upholding the required hygienic standards

Disinfectant gloves/face masks can be provided upon request


Craven House 

"I just want to personally update all our clients, agents and private guests that we are still well and truly open for business, however extra stringent cleaning processes are regularly taking place, for example steam cleaning soft furnishings, extra cleaning of portable and frequently touched items such as TV remotes, door handles and light switches.

Staff contact will be kept to an absolute minimum and weekly cleans can be arranged at a convenient time and by prior arrangement to avoid any contact if necessary."

Lucy Schiel
Owner, Craven House Serviced Apartments



Our emergency response teams are actively assessing the situation on a daily basis and we have a very robust and comprehensive plan in place – for our guests and staff.

Increased cleaning

At Native, we already have an ultra-high level of cleaning standards, that’s why we have moved some time ago to using eco-friendly, biological cleaners and disinfectants based on enzymes. We’ve stepped up our cleaning in all public areas within our aparthotels as well as our apartments on a regular basis. We also encourage regular hand-washing and are providing hand sanitiser at reception to keep both guests and staff safe.

A change of plan

We want you to have full peace of mind when booking with us, which is why we offer cancellable options for guests that are staying with us in the coming months.

If you have any concerns about existing bookings, or imminent trips ahead just get in touch as we have many solutions to assist with current concerns.


We know this is a concerning and unsettling time for all and we are doing all we can to keep both staff and guests safe. We ask for patience and kindness whilst we navigate this. If you are unwell, please do not travel. To help address any concerns you may have, we've answered some frequently asked questions on our website.

Staying with us

If you’re already staying with Native, you will have seen the precautions we are putting in place. Whilst having an apartment with full facilities does allow for minimal contact in public areas, we also provide cleaning detergents and equipment within your apartment to help protect you.


Measures in place

As a response to the events, we have adopted the following measures to increase our already high standards of cleanliness, awareness and hygiene across the business, and we encourage you to share these with your potential travellers.

- Our teams are being kept updated with the latest WHO and UK Government advice to combat and limit the impact of Coronavirus

- We have increased the frequency of cleaning in our public areas

- We have increased cleaning of regularly contacted guest items (keys, remote controls, etc.)

- We are providing additional hand cleaning products to staff and guests

- We are operating regular rotation of housekeeping teams

- We are committed to providing the same arrival and onsite experience for your guests, so still have operational and maintenance teams onsite in our Hammersmith office, although we have slightly reduced our opening hours to 8am – midnight daily.

Travel flexibility

The flexibility of your guests travel arrangements and stay experience, as always, remains important to us.

As such we would like to let you know that any guests who you may have currently booked with us, and who would like to amend their dates of travel, can do so free of charge for any new date until December 31st 2020. This applies to any future bookings as well. If you have guests who would like to cancel their reservations, we ask you to please contact our reservations team directly to discuss. They can be reached between 8am and 6pm, on +44 208 748 2645, and at or

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide regular updates when relevant, otherwise I thank you for your ongoing support during this challenging period.

Thank you,
Robert Godwin, Managing Director
Lamington Group


At BridgeStreet, your comfort, safety and wellbeing is our top priority. Given the current concerns regarding the global spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), I wanted to send you all a note to assure you of the measures we have instituted as an organization to help protect all of our guests, partners, vendors and teammates and to provide them with peace of mind.

As a global company, we are taking steps to ensure that we are in compliance with local and national guidelines and will continue to follow the directives of both, implementing changes when necessary.

Safety is key to our success and we have completed training with all of our teammates about the specific protocols to follow in our apartments, properties and at our corporate offices around the world. We are fully prepared with both preventative and responsive measures consistent with guidelines from the World Health Organization and the CDC.

We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our buildings and apartments but given the latest medical findings that COVID-19 is primarily transmitted by touch, we have reviewed and increased the frequency of our surface cleaning guidelines in the public areas as well as in the apartments themselves. We have ensured that all of our properties have the necessary, government approved, cleaning materials and tools to ensure a safe environment.

We are working with our supply partners to ensure that our guests are provided with a safe and comfortable experience and have again, instituted procedures and policies that allow our teammates the ability to care for our guests.

We are committed to working with all our partners during these challenging times and we will, of course, continue to monitor the developments and provide updates as necessary. If you have any questions or concerns, I urge to reach out to our team.


Kamal Advani



In light of the Coronavirus outbreak we understand the current situation may leave you feeling worried. During this uncertain time, we wanted to update you on the steps we are taking.

Like any reasonable business we’re making decisions and acting quickly as we gain new facts. We are closely monitoring recommendations from the government, health authorities and the World Health Organisation to ensure we are following guidelines and working to minimise the risk as much as possible. Most importantly, we are also protecting and ensuring the safety of our team, guests and partners.

To ensure that our employees are protected we are keeping all of them updated with advice and information on how to stay safe whether this is working from the office or from home.

We already provide a high level of cleaning standards. All our apartments are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before any arrivals or departures and we are offering guests in our managed properties hygiene products to use themselves. Additionally, we have taken the following precautions:

  • We have implemented a work-from-home policy for our staff as advised by the government
  • We have identified vulnerable or at-risk employees and asked them to work remotely
  • Provided information in each of our buildings for our guests
  • Have been in contact with current residing guests to inform us if they will be working from home or if they are self-isolating
  • We have requested to be informed immediately if anyone is demonstrating symptoms so we can take pre-emptive measures
  • Should there be a guest who requires to be isolated housekeeping services will be suspended for the duration of the self-isolation, however guests will be provided with cleaning products and sheets, to be delivered to the front door as per the government website:

There will be no interruption to our normal service, and we will continue to welcome and provide our guests and partners with the same level of great service and comfort.

We do encourage you to please contact us if your travel plans need to change and we will do our best to be flexible and accommodating.

We will continue to operate as usual and if you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe.

Prestige Apartments Team


We are here to help so please do get in touch if you need any more information.

Contact our London customer service team:

+44 203 189 1269

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