Coronavirus: Information for London visitors

As news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) illness unfolds, we've put together the most important websites to check before travelling to the UK.

Be sure to familiarise yourself with the latest news and updates from the government and health bodies linked below:

Top links for Coronavirus news: 

UK Government: Coronavirus response

UK NHS health service: Coronavirus information

Visit Britain: Coronavirus latest information

World Health Organisation: Advice for the public

BBC: Coronavirus explained

The Guardian Newspaper: Coronavirus facts checks

The situation is fast-changing and undeniably concerning.

It appears to be affecting some major cities and regions in the world much more than others.

Cancelling or amending your stay 

If your plans have changed due to the Coronavirus updates and you need to cancel your booking, please check your cancellation terms stated in your booking confirmation.

If your booking is within the cancellation period (and cancellations are not permitted or will incur cancellation charges), we will try and negotiate your request with the apartment management.

In some few cases, serviced apartment companies are allowing guests to amend their dates and postpone their stay.

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