How technology is making your stay more memorable

Technology has certainly changed the way we travel. From searching for inspiration for the next holiday, to checking-in for a flight, to navigating google maps when you arrive, or booking a taxi ride on Uber to get to your next business meeting.  Having smartphones and tablets has given us the freedom to plan our own itinerary, flexibility to carry around a booking assistant or read reviews of a place from literally anywhere. 

These portable devices have been looked upon by the travel industry as a great way to enrich the local experience of the traveller and are appearing in many different ways across the board. Hotels and serviced apartments are no exception. They have been introducing this portable technology in their service offering from their reception desks to their in-room controls to the outside world of city guides and take-away ordering.

So here are two ways our serviced apartments have looked to technology to make your stay more memorable and convenient...

1. Handy by Town Hall Hotel & Apartments
Promising to keep you connected is Handy, the new complimentary smartphone that will be handed over to all guests at the Town Hall Hotel just after check-in. It has a local city guide pre-programmed into it, which is quite common these days, but what we really like is that it comes with free unlimited local and international calls (Select countries only) as well as unlimited mobile internet. Really handy for getting around in a new city.  

2. YourWelcome at the Lincoln Plaza Apartments 

Here, technology replaces manuals, maps and welcome folders in the form of the YourWelcome app encased in sleek touchscreen devices. You can access a range of information at your own leisure including demonstration videos for in-room appliances (which are not always straightforward), emergency contact details and information regarding local takeaways, taxi services, gyms, laundry facilities and more. 

"Our apartments will now be equipped with a device that gives all our guests instant access to a range of services and information at their fingertips 24/7. It’s our way of making them feel even more at home.”says Ricardo Frajuca, Guest Services Manager.


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