Why quality checks are so important to us

These days there is so much choice when it comes to accommodation, especially in a city like London. Even if you are specifically after a serviced apartment, there are countless options, across the many neighbourhoods, all varying in style, size, price and available services. That's why we spend a good majority of our time and resources in selecting and quality checking apartments on our website to ensure we partner with only credible and professional accommodation providers.

If you do a bit of research yourself, you will notice that ratings may vary and it is not always easy to tell which properties are professionally operated and which ones aren't. Serviced apartment associations like The ASAP (Association of Serviced Apartment Providers) which we are members of, are working towards establishing a better classification system for this sector to provide better clarity and better match guest's expectations. For the time being though, it is also not always easy to compare or know what to expect when it comes to facilities or services, especially when you are visiting from another country. That is why using a specialist agent like Check-in-London.com is a safer option.

Our clients rely on us to describe all the features of the apartment and equally highlight any reasons why an apartment may not be suitable for their stay. For example: No lift access would not be ideal for a family travelling with elderly parents. We know how to tailor options to suit your needs and preferences saving you time and hassle. You can directly speak to one of our team members, who are well versed with all manner of unique requests from clients around the globe.

When we decide to list a property in our portfolio, we visit the apartments in person to see what is on offer. A few members of our team travel to the location to see for themselves what our guests would experience in the neighbourhood, while they check-in, in the apartment itself and the customer service operations.

What would happen if the washing machine broke down? What if the internet wasn't working? How does the Smart TV come on? What are the size of the beds? How many bathrooms are there and how many have walk-in showers (for those guests who don't prefer a tub)? Is smoking allowed? Is the maid service weekly or daily? and so on...

Our checklist has many important aspects that we go through thoroughly with the direct representative at the property. It is also part of our process to check Accessibility like lifts, stairs and lighting -  Security like CCTV, keycode entry, security teams - Privacy like building layout and entrance to the apartments.

No two properties are the same, even if it is managed by the same property provider, we find that an on-site visit makes such a difference when it comes to really getting to know our home from homes. Like how the entry to the car park works or how beautiful the city views really are from the top floor apartments.

Needless to say, we also take a lot of photographs, which have been so useful when trying to recall if there are steps at the entrance, or how many floors does the building have, or how much storage is available for long stay guests.

Visiting apartments is an important part of our job and we take it very seriously, because we know it can be the difference between a good and bad stay for our valued clients.

If you need any assistance with booking your next London serviced apartment, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, even at the last minute, our team can help. Call us or email us here.


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