Our New Beds Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Bed Sizes and Variations

We always get asked a lot of questions about the different bed sizes and types of extra beds that are available in our serviced apartments. "What's a ziplink?", "A Murphy bed?!" and "What on earth is a butterfly sofa bed?" are just some of the confused queries that are put to us over e-mail, livechat or over the phone. As we like to keep up with our customers' needs, we have created our very own Beds Guide with everything you ever wanted to know about bed sizes and variations. All of our serviced apartments are professionally managed so you are always guaranteed a certain standard of accommodation and comfort. Please note that the Beds Guide is just that, a guide, and for queries about specific apartments, you should contact one of our friendly customer advisors who would be happy to help.

What's included?

We have listed every type of bed that can be found on our website from foldaway beds to bog standard single beds as you would be surprised as to what people need to know when it comes to where they lay their head of a nighttime. And who wouldn't be fussy when it comes down to those precious sleep-filled hours? On average, we spend approximately 8 hours a day and 122 days a year sleeping so finding a comfy bed for your stay is an important consideration and it's also good to know what type of bed you may be getting when it comes to booking your serviced apartment. Our guide should help to solve some of the issues that you may have in deciphering the different bed variations and (approximate) sizes and therefore make the booking process a whole lot easier.

Here are a few examples of the bed types that are included in our new guide:

Pretty self explanatory and one of the more well known types of extra bed on our website. This one is a bit like a camp bed, often raised off the ground and capable of being folded away during the daytime to allow more space if necessary. Usually suitable for 1 adult or 1 child.

We're not sure where this name came from either but simply put, this is a pull-down bed that is most often used in studio apartments to utilise the maximum amount of space available for your stay. Sizes can vary but they are usually suitable for just 1 or two people.

These beds are simply twin beds that can be linked to make a king bed if necessary. One of the inventions of the hospitality industry to make room turnover quicker and easier, this has now also spilled into serviced apartments and is very convenient for all types of visitors.

Find out more about the different bed sizes and variations on the guide itself. You can also find it on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you feel that we have left anything out, please let us know in the comments below!

If you're visiting soon and want advice on London holiday apartments, speak to a customer advisor at Check-in-London today. Make sure to call us on +44 843 298 8820 or email us at info@check-in-london.com for rates and availability.

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