The 'Dos' and 'Don'ts' of Booking a Serviced Apartment

Booking accommodation for a holiday or corporate trip can be a tricky business but we have narrowed down the 'dos' and 'don'ts' of booking a serviced apartment to make the process a whole lot easier. With thousands of options across the city, we at Check-in-London know what matters to our customers and we are always on hand to answer any queries that you may have about booking a serviced apartment in London.


1. DO state exactly how many people exactly are staying
Just because it's an apartment and not a hotel does not mean that it is a free-for-all for how many people can stay in one apartment. Serviced apartments operate in a similar way to hotels but offer much more space and flexibility for any extra people that need to stay. If you have extra people staying with you, then an extra bed can be arranged (some are charged and some are free). If you have young children staying, you may need a cot or an extra foldaway bed. It's a good idea to let agents or apartment provider know exactly how many people are staying in the apartment so that they can have everything set up before you arrive.

2. DO give as much info as possible
If there is anything at all that you think a booking agent should be made aware of, then it really makes sense to be as upfront as possible. If there a member of your party has a slight disability or cannot walk up stairs, this would affect which apartments can be offered to you. The same goes for any bed preferences (twin beds, king size etc) as bed sizes in different apartments vary. If you would like to bring a pet, many apartments are happy to accommodate this also. The more information you give, the better we will be able to help with your enquiry and get you that perfect place to stay in London.

3. DO research the area or ask the experts
Find out whereabouts in London you would like to stay and we can help you with accommodation in that area or recommend an alternative. Some areas in London would be more expensive than others and we will let you know immediately if something is very much out of your budget and suggest more reasonable options nearby. We are London based and therefore know an awful lot about the city including the best places to stay, the best sights to see and the best places to eat and drink so if you are not sure, we can always help you to decide with our insider knowledge.

4. DO look at review sites
This may help make your mind up about the apartments that you have in mind. Sites like TripAdvisor can give you a good idea of what to expect with your apartment and always make sure to look at the reviews on the website that you are booking on.

5. DO listen to the T & Cs
Important information about cancellation policies are in the terms and conditions so you definitely need to read these before booking. Cancellations outside of certain time limits may come with a charge of a percentage of the total cost of the accommodation so it may be a costly mistake to make if you do not read the terms and conditions for a specific apartment. When booking with Check-in-London, we always make sure to read the terms and conditions over the phone so that there is no confusion.


1. DON'T expect a reception at every apartment
Some apartments come with a 24 hour reception, some have a reception that operates with more limited hours (9-5) and some do not have receptions at all. It will always state on the apartment listing whether there is a reception team on site or not and there is always an emergency number that you can call if you need something.

2. DON'T trust any old website
Book with a website you can trust. If the prices on offer sound too good to be true, then they probably are! Some of the ways you can tell if it is a reputable website are checking that the company is a limited company and registered, examining the social media channels of a company and, most importantly, calling the company themselves. If you do not get an answer to your phonecall or a response to your e-mail, then it is likely that the website is a scam. At Check-in-London, we always recommend that you ask us about the apartment you would like to book, whether by e-mail, a phonecall or livechat. We have visited all of the apartments in our portfolio and will give you an honest answer as to the standard of the property and facilities.

3. DON'T expect breakfast to be provided
All serviced apartments come with either kitchens or kitchenettes to enable guests to be able to cook their own meals. Some providers do have a restaurant on site this does come with an extra charge. We also offer welcome packs here for that first meal in your apartment.

4. DON'T leave cancellations or amendments until the last minute
Several apartment providers have strict cancellation and amendment terms which are strictly enforced. Try not to leave this until the last minute as you may be charged a percentage of the overall cost of your stay.

5. DON'T have parties in the apartments
All of our serviced apartments are professionally managed and parties are generally not allowed. Other guests will be quick to complain and there may be fines issued or, even worse, you may be kicked out! So, it's best not to plan to have that big birthday party in your serviced apartment. Instead, it may be the perfect oppurtunity to have that special event out and about in one of London's great pubs or venues.

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