Luggage Freedom with AirPortr

As a company that prides itself on our stress-free booking process where we take all the hassle out of your trip to London and provide you with the perfect serviced apartment to suit your needs, we like to collaborate with other companies that have the same goal in mind.

Introducing AirPortr, a premium luggage concierge service that makes bag-free travel possible to and from the airport leaving you to enjoy all that London has to offer. If you are booking a London serviced apartment with Check-in-London, why not make your travel even easier with a luggage service from AirPortr. Book through us and receive a special offer of 10% off when you quote CIL10.

Luggage Freedom

AirPortr is the first service of its kind in the UK and Europe who specialise in delivering travellers' luggage to and from London airports for a more convenient and hassle-free travel experience. If you have to check out of your serviced apartment in London several hours too early to leave for the airport or you just don't want the hassle of carrying bags around all day, AirPortr can collect and deliver your luggage to the airport so that you can explore the city at your leisure. What sets them apart? According to Founder, Randel Darby, "there is no other Luggage Concierge focussed service in London that offers the liberating experience that we do, at the level of service and price that AirPortr deliver". The booking process is simple and they have a state-of-the-art security and tracking process which guarantees peace of mind and such is their reliability that "each booking is insured for up to £10,000". 

It's a concept that Darby thinks will revolutionise the way people travel to and from airports; "we call it Luggage Freedom, which is something we want to become an essential part of peoples’ journeys". This is a service that appeals to all types of travellers and AirPortr want to "ensure that all travellers, whether here for business or leisure, have the opportunity and the time to enjoy our great capital, wherever they are staying."

Touching Down to an Airport Near You Soon

Currently operating out of London City Airport, they hope to expand to all airports in the capital in the near future. "London City Airport is our first airport and current home. In order to offer Luggage Freedom to everyone travelling/staying in London we are looking at 'arriving' in all London Airports. So watch this space and we should, in the near future, be able to update you re where we are next touching down!" Darby added.

Like Check-in-London, AirPortr are London based and really enjoy working in this great city. "Aside from it being one of the greatest cities in the world (if it had a beach and a little more sunshine then it would be THE greatest) then it has to be that you can experience almost anything that you want to – if London does not have it 'to offer' then it’s likely nowhere does". 

To book a luggage concierge service through AirPortr, simply fill in the booking form and don't forget to quote CIL10 to receive your special offer.

If you're visiting London and want to book a short let apartment London, call us on +44 843 298 8820 or email us at for rates and availability.

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