Check-in-London Out and About: Mini Tour with Small Car Big City

Last week, our Check-in-London'ers had the opportunity to have a Mini Tour around London with Small Car Big City courtesy of one of our suppliers, Think Apartments. Setting off from Check-in-London HQ in West London, we were soon zipping around the city streets with our knowledgeable drivers/guides letting us in on some secrets of the city that we had not heard before...

Before setting off from Hammersmith, our hostess, Sabine, introduced us to our guides Tom and  Ed, who, in turn, introduced us to Rosey and Daphne (our stunning vintage Minis for the day). With the sun roof open, it was a gorgeous day for a tour around London and we had a chance to see many of the top attractions in the city such as the Royal Albert Hall, Buckingham Palace, Park Lane and Hyde Park. Longer tours are available but we had just a quick couple of hours to whip around the city before returning to our duties. The whole premise of the tour is based on 'The Italian Job' so overalls and flat caps are optional but it does get you into the spirit of things if you do decide to partake (and we very much did!). Check us out below in the full getup!

The tour took us from Hammersmith to South Kensington and from there onto Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace all the while being told some interesting tales by our guide about the attractions that we came across. Cruising up Pall Mall in the sunshine, we even spotted a Royal cavalcade just pulling into the Palace! No sign of the Queen, unfortunately, but exciting nonetheless!

Several juicy tidbits came to light about the city during our tour, some of which you will have to take with a pinch of salt! Here are some of the little known myths and legends about London that we learned on the day from Tom and Ed:

1. Pall Mall was named after a ball game played there during the 17th Century.

2. Westminster Bridge is painted green to reflect the seats in the House of Commons and Lambeth Bridge is painted red to reflect the seats in the House of Lords.

3. There is a nose in the northern arch of the Ardmiralty Arch in honour of the Duke of Wellington which soldiers touch on their way out for good luck.

4. The arch of Marble Arch was supposed to be in front  of Buckingham Palace  for Queen Victoria but she did not like it so it had to be moved brick by brick to it's current location.

5. Burlington Arcade was designed by Sir Burlington in order to stop rubbish and excrement being thrown upon him on his way to the pub. He built a roof over the arcade to keep him and his wife dry while out for a stroll.
6. One theory of where the 'red light district' got its name was that prostitutes would put a red cloth over their window light when they had a customer.

Many thanks to Sabine from Think Apartments and to Tom and Ed from Small Car Big City for a great evening!

If you're visiting London soon and need top tips and recommendations while in the city, check out our London Guide. For a London serviced apartment, make sure to call us on +44 843 298 8820 or email us at for rates and availability.

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