5 Best Apps for Business Travellers to London

If you  are travelling to London on business soon and you want to have all the information you will need at your fingertips, we have uncovered the 5 best apps that every business traveller should have for their trip. From iPhone to Android, these apps are suitable for multiple operating systems and free to download and are guaranteed to make your business trip to London a pleasant and productive one...

1. TripIt - Free

Keep your hotel and flight details in one place with this ingenious app which (handily) also syncs with your calendar. TripIt automatically converts your travel booking information into a complete itinerary for your business trip allowing you to view your travel information in one app rather than searching frantically through your e-mails. The free version does contain ads however, but you can always opt for the paid version which removes ads and enables access to further features such as a seat tracker and points tracker for all those valuable air miles!

Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.

2. FlightAware - Free

Missing your flight or being stuck for hours in an airport should be a thing of the past with this app which tracks all flight statuses in real-time. Not only does FlightAware allow you to track your flight status but it also tracks delays, cancellations and connections. By enabling flight alerts, you can stay on top of any flight delays, gate information and estimated departure times. With full screen flight tracker maps you can tracks flights all over the world.

Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

3. XE Currency - Free

Let's face it, we all get a bit confused when trying to do currency conversions in our heads while on a trip abroad. The XE Currency app makes all mental arithmetic a thing of the past with it's very useful features. Track currency conversion rates with this very useful app which even allows you to store current currency conversions. Ideal for those who do a lot of travelling for business purposes and you can also calculate prices with the currency calculator.

Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

4. City Mapper - Free

One of the most useful apps to come out in a very long time, this app puts all of the city's transport information in one place rather than having lots of separate apps for buses, tubes, trams etc. Ideal for any type of traveller, City Mapper also has a great GPS map function that gets you from Point A to Point B with relative ease. This app caters for a host of cities including London, Berlin, New York, Paris, Boston and Barcelona.

Available for iPhone and Android.

5. Uber - Free

The latest app to cause quite a stir in the transport world, this app is based on the premise of being able to order a private car within 15 minutes. After you order a car with Uber, you can view the estimated fee and track the cars progress. After, you have been picked up and driven to your destination, the fee is then charged directly to your credit card without any (physical) money exchanging hands.

Available for iPhone and Android.

If you want more London-centric apps, we have unearthed the best London apps around here.

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