Quiz: Where Should You Stay in London? : Infographic

With over 33 boroughs in Greater London, all of which have a unique character of their own, it's no wonder that visitors to the city can get a little overwhelmed when choosing a district to stay in. Unless you are familiar with the capital, the numerous options of where to stay in London can be tricky to wade through with most travel websites providing a barrage of information, often leaving you more confused than ever.

Using our immense expertise as London accommodation specialists, we have created this simple infographic which should make your decision much, much easier! Whether you are looking for museums or a theatre show while in London, or popular tourist hotspots or hidden local gems, we can point you in the right direction. From exclusive nightlife districts, to quiet, village-like neighbourhoods and up and coming areas, there's a huge variety of places to stay in the city. Our handy infographic can help give you a clearer vision for what you are looking for on your trip to London and whether you would like to stay somewhere like vibrant Shoreditch or the more sedate and family-oriented Richmond.

Begin by choosing either business or leisure and then see where your journey takes you. You may think you want to stay in Canary wharf but you might find that The City may be a better option. Cast away your preconceptions and take our handy quiz to find out the perfect neighbourhood for you!

See the full infographic here

When you have found your perfect London district using our quiz, contact us to find about the range of London vacation rental options in the area. Call us on +44 843 289 8820 or e-mail us at info@check-in-london.com for rates and availability.

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