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28 May 2014

Top Places for Free Wi-Fi in London

If you are in London on business or you just need a quiet place to check your e-mails away from the bustling cafe chains, we have the perfect list for you. While the majority of our London serviced apartments feature free Wi-Fi, our best places for free Wi-Fi in London are ideal for those looking for a space to work while out and about or for somewhere to hold a quick business meeting. Let's face it, there's no shortage of cafes with free Wi-Fi in London but here we give you a few options that will pique your interest and even make a great backdrop for that important business meeting...

20 May 2014

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in London

To celebrate National Vegetarian Week (19-25 May), we have put together a list of the best vegetarian restaurants in London. Whether you are a committed vegetarian or just need a break from the 'meat-sweats', these restaurants will restore your faith in the humble vegetable. Even the most committed carnivore will be swayed by some of the dishes at these popular London restaurants. Divided into north, south, east and west, there is a vegetarian restaurant in London that will cater to all tastes and budgets. Take a look at our list below and let us know your thoughts!

14 May 2014

Quiz: Where Should You Stay in London? : Infographic

With over 33 boroughs in Greater London, all of which have a unique character of their own, it's no wonder that visitors to the city can get a little overwhelmed when choosing a district to stay in. Unless you are familiar with the capital, the numerous options of where to stay in London can be tricky to wade through with most travel websites providing a barrage of information, often leaving you more confused than ever.

6 May 2014

Our Favourite London Parks for Picnics

Nothing says summer like a picnic in a London park and you can't beat a bit of al fresco dining with a view! Whether you are a 'grab a sandwich and go' type or the kind of person who meticulously plans a picnic menu to rival that of a feature in a lifestyle magazine, it's time to dust off that picnic basket and head to some of our favourite London parks for picnics which are within arm's reach of our London serviced apartments.