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26 Mar 2014

London Then & Now: Infographic

Ever wondered what life was like in London 100 years ago? London has experienced a huge amount of change in the past century and we have captured just some of those changes in our new infographic - Life in London - Then & Now: 100 Years of Change.

19 Mar 2014

London Airports: Your Questions Answered...

London City Airport

This year, London was crowned the most popular destination for tourists in the world. With so many people coming in and out of the city every year, it's no wonder that London is home to five separate airports.

With so many to choose from, our clients are often asking us which airport they should travel to and how to get from there to their London accommodation. Therefore, we've put together a helpful guide to the city's airports. From London airport codes to location and transport, here's our guide to airports in London:

12 Mar 2014

The Lost Londoner: Uncovering London's Alternative Side

The Big Red

Here at Check-in-London, we love a bit of the weird and wonderful and when we need our dose of unusual things to do in London, there's only one place that we look for inspiration: The Lost Londoner. Uncovering the city's quirkier restaurants, bars and attractions and writing about it as she goes along, Kate from The Lost Londoner is one of our favourite bloggers.

5 Mar 2014

British Things to do in London

If you are thinking of coming to London and you want to enjoy some quintessentially British things to do on your trip then we have the perfect list for you. From getting a family snapshot outside Buckingham Palace to indulging in a fish and chip supper, London has lots of instantly recognisable, iconic and very 'British' attractions and activities to enjoy while you are here.