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Here at Check-in-London, we like to keep up with the latest London news so that when our clients ask about where to go in London, we can step up to the plate with tonnes of fun suggestions. Therefore, we owe a lot to the London websites and blogs which keep us up to date with new ideas of where to go and what to do in the capital.

Anomalous London is one such website, exploring London's quirkier side through its unique restaurants, bars and attractions. The website is celebrating it's first birthday this Saturday so we caught up with the founder of Anomalous London to hear more about the website and their personal tips to getting the most out of London!

1. What led to you setting up Anomalous London? And what is it about the more quirky and eccentric places in London that personally attracts you?

After having perused many London websites I always found it time-consuming to find something unique and different to do. I started compiling my own listings which eventually led to the setting up of Anomalous London.

Living in London, the World’s favourite City, there is so much variety on our doorstep, I always like to try a new experience off the beaten track. 

2. What is your favourite area of London and why?

Depends whether for shopping, entertainment or living.  For shopping I enjoy the wide expanse of Regent Street, for entertainment I like the quirky venues in Soho & Covent Garden and for living in London, Marylebone has a great village feel and atmosphere.

3. If you had to pick one, what would be the quirky find that you are most proud of discovering?

That has to be ‘Champor Champor’ a quaint little Thai restaurant in the shadow of the Shard. Wow what amazing cuisine. See the review here.

Champor Champor

4. If you had to play tour guide to someone who had never visited London before, what would be your itinerary for the day?

Hmmm, presuming we have good weather, it would involve a lot of walking! The best way to see a City is by foot.  I would start at Oxford Circus, walk down Regent Street, pointing out the big stores, especially Hamleys, which will give them a feel of our wonderful shopping district. At Piccadilly Circus, I’d walk down lower Regent Street to St.James Park. Crossing over the Mall, with a sneak peek at Nelson’s Column on the left and Buckingham Palace on the right, the fountains and flowers in the park are amazingly beautiful. You would never think you are in the heart of London. 

After some quiet contemplation, head down towards the river at Embankment through House Guards Parade, which is steeped in Royal History. A perfect location to admire the river and the Millenium wheel is the Tattershall Castle boat bar/restaurant. After having a bite to eat on the boat, cross over Hungerford footbridge to the Southbank. The best place to admire London is from the South side.

Walk along Southbank, stop for a drink or two along the way, maybe at the Oxo Tower or the Founders Arms by the Millennium footbridge. The end will be when we get to Tower Bridge and have dinner with the view of the Bridge, maybe at DimT, perfect! Lots of picture opportunities along the way will make great memories and tired feet will be forgotten.

5. What would be your most important insider tip for anyone visiting London?

Try something different! You will never regret an anomalous experience.

6. Can you give us a sneak preview or your very newest find?

I have just done my first review for the new ‘Beyond-London’ section on Anomalous. It was at the amazing, luxurious 5 star Stoke Park Country Club, Spa & Hotel in Buckinghamshire. Britain’s first Country Club set within 300 acres of historic gardens, lakes, monuments and parkland. The full review can be read here.
Stoke Park Country Club

7. What are you most excited about this 2014? (new restaurant, event, e.t.c.)

The opening of the highest hotel in London, Shangri-La at the Shard. A destination bar and infinity pool at Level 52, that will be heaven!

8. With the rise of quirky pop-ups, are you finding more and more things to write about?

Yes there are lots of pop-up restaurants but Anomalous London only features permanent venues.
However, if there is a quirky event happening around the Capital, this may merit being featured as ‘Quirk of the Week’ on the site’s homepage.

9. If you had a list of best-kept secrets (websites, twitter accounts, e.t.c.) to find out about quirky places and things going on in the capital, what would you suggest (aside from your own website, obviously!)?

I didn’t have a list, which is why I set up Anomalous!

10. Where else can we find you online? (possibly with a preview of the next #quirkychat topic?)

Anomalous London is on the most popular social media platforms which include: Twitter, Facebook Page, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and the host of tweetchat #quirkychat on Sundays 8-9pm Gmt.

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