How to Book a Serviced Apartment in London

Booking a serviced apartment in London is a very simple process and here at Check-in-London, we can guide you through each step and make the booking process even easier. As London experts, we can advise you of the ideal location for your trip whatever your reason for travel may be. We have all the insider knowledge and tips on the best areas of London and we can help you to find the perfect London serviced apartment for your stay.

1. Where in London?

London is one of the largest cities in Europe with lots of different districts and boroughs and it can sometimes be confusing for visitors to try and figure out what area of the city to stay in whether you are here for work, leisure or medical reasons. There are numerous factors that you need to consider when looking at the different areas in London such as availability of public transport, distance from work/hospital/attractions and what local amenities are available in the area. Here are some ways to figure out where to stay in London:

  • If coming to London on holiday, it might be helpful to first investigate what attractions and sights that you would like to see while in the city. This will help to narrow down the areas that would be ideal for you to stay in. Take a look at our London Guide for some inspiration and this will help to focus your mind and make the next step of the booking easier for you. If coming to London for work or medical reasons, then you need to look in or around the areas in which you are going to be working/seeking medical treatment.
  • You could also take a look at the various districts and neighbourhoods in London on our website as they include very helpful descriptions of the area and the attractions and local amenities that you may find there.
  • If all of the above still seems a bit confusing, then speak to one of our London accommodation specialists who can advise you of the best area for your stay depending on your needs.

2. What apartments are available?

Once you have narrowed down the area that you want to stay in, you can now look at the options for serviced apartments in that particular area. On our website, we have broken down the areas of London into the smaller districts and neighbourhoods with a detailed description on each. We have also grouped the various apartments available under each district and neighbourhood. Here you can take a look at what the apartments have to offer in terms of location, room types, amenities and price range. There are a variety of options to choose from in each area with all budgets catered to. Some of the important things that need to be considered at this stage are:

  • How many people are visiting? 
  • What room types do you think you may need? 
  • What is your budget per night? 
  • What additional services (if any) are required (e.g. wi-fi, room service etc). 

You can easily draw up a short list of your top choices of apartments by using our website and check out the many photographs available of the apartments and all of the facilities and amenities available. From here, it is down to your own personal preference - do you prefer a modern style of apartment or perhaps a more traditional style of apartment would suit you best? This is something that you can easily decipher by looking at the property pages on our website and there are also reviews of the apartments that can help you make your choice.

3. When to Book?

Serviced Apartments are becoming a popular choice of accommodation in London due to their cost-saving advantages and spacious living compared to hotel rooms. We would therefore advise that you book your apartment as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, especially in the peak season. Should you decide to travel at the very last minute, we can still help you find you a suitable apartment as we also deal with last-minute bookings

4. Contact Us!

At this stage, you may need to contact our customer advisors to find out if the apartment of your choice is available as the apartments are on request. If the apartment is not available, do not worry, as we can advise you of alternative available options within the area that you are searching in and within your price range. We will simply ask you a few simple questions about your stay such as what area you are looking at, what your budget is and how many people intend to stay in the apartment. We will then be able to either check the availability of your apartment or compile a list of options for you to look at and get back to you immediately. To book an apartment, you may need to provide some standard documentation for proof of identity and security reasons. This is completely safe and secure and is only needed in order to reserve the apartment of your choice and provide a security deposit (if needed). Once you have chosen your apartment and we have confirmed the availability, it is time to move on to the next step.

5. You have Booked your Apartment!

Once e-mail confirmation has been sent to you, then your serviced apartment London has been booked! It is now time to start planning your itinerary for your trip. Check out our attractions and entertainment sections of our London Guide for some inspiration

For more information on this or any other holiday apartments in London, please call us on +44 843 289 8820 or e-mail us at for rates and availability.

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