Best Places to Enjoy Halal Food in London


If you are looking for halal restaurants in London while staying in a Holiday Apartment in London then you really have a myriad of options to choose from. An increase in the number of "Haloodies" (halal foodies) and halal food options in London is changing the capital’s restaurant landscape (as seen on BBC) and many London restaurants now offer halal options or even a strict halal menu.

Halal essentially means "lawful" or "permissible" and relates to the method of slaughtering animals for food as per the laws of the Islamic faith. London districts like Bayswater, Edgware Road and Brick Lane are very popular with people who prefer Halal food due to the growing number of great halal restaurants.

As local specialists, here we have set out the best areas to stay to avail of good halal food in London:

1. Bayswater

Bayswater is a very popular area just north-west of Hyde Park which has a huge number of halal restaurants to choose from. This is an area that caters to various international cuisines such as Indian, Iranian, Bangladeshi and Middle Eastern. The area in and around Westbourne Grove offers numerous halal options to choose from including Khans which is a very popular Indian restaurant and Al Waha which specialises in Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine. Alounak, also on Westbourne Grove,  is a restaurant which has been known to have the label of "the best Persian restaurant in London" and it caters to the halal customer with its delicately spiced fare.

2. Edgware Road

The southern part of Edgware Road is well known for its Middle Eastern influence and the restaurants in the area reflect this trend with their fragrant and exotic foodstuffs. This road is a busy thoroughfare and has a variety of halal restaurants to choose from but the problem may be trying to find the quality among the numerous restaurants that are available. One such restaurant is Maroush, a Lebanese restaurant which caters to the halal customer and has been providing Londoners with delectable delights from the east for well over 30 years. Beiruty Express is another top Halal fast food and eat-in option that is very popular with the locals and the Check-in-London team. If you are looking for something a little more upmarket, just a short walk away from Edgware Road is the Michelin starred Benares which specialises in modern Indian cuisine and caters for halal options.

3. Brick Lane

The Brick Lane area is a hub of the Bangladeshi community and therefore a hotspot when it comes to halal food in London. This area has always been popular for authentic curry houses and is also now a hub for art and culture with many warehouse exhibitions taking place on the graffiti splashed streets. Brick Lane Market offers a huge choice of Asian and Middle Eastern street food and is popular with people from all over the world and all ethnicities. One of the most popular halal restaurants in the Brick Lane area is Cafe Naz which specialises in Indian cuisine and is situated where the 1930s Mayfair cinema and the famous Naz cinema once stood.

4. Halal Food Festival

The Halal Food Festival takes place in the ExCel Arena in London's Docklands every September and features live cookery demonstrations, celebrity chefs, restaurants and street food. The fact that this festival takes place in one of the biggest venues in London cements the fact that this is a growing industry in the U.K.. The festival celebrates the diversity of halal foods and if you want to try a variety of cuisines which cater to the halal customer then this is the place to do it!

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