Top Architectural Styles of London Apartments

London is home to a wealth of various architectural buildings spanning different historic periods, from state-of-the-art modern builds to those rich in history and dating back centuries, offering a huge diversity of residential properties and accommodation for guests to the capital. Our London serviced apartments are housed in some of the city’s newest and oldest structures, and certain districts of the city are renowned for its buildings that reflect certain eras. Whether you’re after period properties with period charm, period properties with ultra-modern interiors, or cutting edge apartments with the latest innovative design, there is something suitable in London awaiting your arrival.

Here's a brief look at the most common types of architecture and apartment buildings that you'll find in London:

Georgian Style (1714-1830)

This Palladium style architecture was prolific during the first four monarch’s reigns and a large part of London still retains this era with a dominant number of its, now, Listed buildings. The buildings themselves are often flat-fronted and feature classical, elegant designs with symmetrical faces, sash windows and rectangular windows. Bloomsbury is a notable Georgian area of London and houses Bedford Place Apartments, which are close to one of the best preserved Georgian squares in London, Bedford Square. These great value apartments feature typical characteristics of the era such as open square rooms, cream d├ęcor and tall ceilings and offer emblematic traditional accommodation at affordable prices. 45 Gower Street Apartments, also in Bloomsbury, is similar with an archetypal elegant exterior and open, light interiors.

Georgian-style iconic buildings: British Museum, Westminster Bridge, Buckingham Palace

Victorian Style (1837-1901)
Following on from Georgian architecture, this refined style was a mix of former eclectic architectural design, including Gothic Revival, Elizabethan, Classic and Italian, and Middle Eastern influences. British architects carried the style into American and Australian colonies, but it was in England that the style truly flourished and is why so many of London’s buildings can be attributed to this era. Solid square fronts, ornate brickwork, Roman pillars and bay windows characterise distinctive Victorian construction. 41 Draycott Place Apartments and No. 1 Sloane Avenue Apartments are placed within striking Victorian terraced buildings that sit amongst Chelsea’s notable period buildings and offer period charm as well as open, light and spacious contemporary interiors.

Victorian-style iconic buildings: National Gallery, Houses of Parliament, V&A Museum, Science Museum, St Pancras Station

Edwardian Style (1901-1910)

The Edwardian neo-baroque architectural style was influenced by past English and French designs, and buildings were often built with domed rooftop pavilions, roman pillars, tower-like blocks and arched decorative features. Their impressive classic exteriors attract many tourists who are looking for an old-fashioned experience and to soak up historic British tradition, and are typically home to luxury apartments in London. Bayswater and Marylebone are notable places to find scatters of Edwardian apartments and are centrally located, making them perfect for short stays. Grand Plaza Apartments in Bayswater are among one of the largest complex of Edwardian apartments in London and feature the clean white facades with stucco terraces and striking pillars. Town Hall Apartments in East London are full of character and feature classic interiors with both modern facilities and tasteful antique furnishings.

Edwardian-style iconic buildings: County Hall, Admiralty Arch, War Office

Modern Style (late 20th-21st century)

World-class architects win bids to create some of the most lucrative and expensive modern building projects in London, one of the latest builds being the St George Wharf Apartments in Vauxhall with its majestic gull-wing roofs and stylish terraces. The newly developed Canary Wharf district represents the largest collection of 20th and 21st century buildings in the world and relishes in looming skyscrapers and high-rise glass towers such as the Canary Wharf Tower (the tallest office building in Britain). Though the older buildings represent British history and tradition, the modern builds are becoming, and will most likely continue to become, amongst the most prevailing in London. If you prefer the new over the old, stay in Canary Wharf either in the colourful glass building that houses Ability Place Apartments and its contemporary furnishings, or in the tall skyscraper that is home to the plush crescent-shaped New Providence Wharf Apartments. Alternatively, Bezier Apartments near Liverpool Street are a modern ‘egg-shaped’ spectacle with sleek contemporary interiors and lustrous fittings.

Modern iconic buildings: The Gherkin, Tower 42, Heron Tower, Canary Wharf Tower, Lloyds Building

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