The Great Gatsby of Apartments

To mark the official UK release of Baz Luhrmann’s modern adaptation of The Great Gatsby tomorrow (yes, we are counting down the hours), we have been getting into the old swing of things by reflecting on a recent visit to the luxury Edwardian Town Hall Apartments.

While Luhrmann is, the man to turn a roaring 1920’s romance into an extravagantly lavish affair, we think that the Town Hall Apartments is a strong contender for traditional period elegance when it comes to accommodation in London. In fact, they not only stylishly accommodate guests, but are also a popular set location for filming period genre productions, and have seen the likes of Keira Knightley pass through its doors during the filming of Atonement back in 2008.

We couldn't throw a sumptuous party and start jiving on the tables during our visit, but we were conservatively impressed with the majestic surroundings, avant-garde d├ęcor and refined state-of-the-art furnishings.

The Gatsbyesque Town Hall Apartments:

Set in a majestic building, you could assume this is home to another of London’s magnificent museums.

But inside, a grand persona welcomes you to your temporary residence. Pictured below is the impressive De Montfort Suite (available on request). The high arched ceilings, large open space and magnificent framed walls certainly give these apartment the ‘wow’ factor. Although we couldn't throw a party...

And these remarkable authentic finishing touches just about top it off. From old barber chairs to retro ballot boxes and antique clocks, these charming displays are a reminder of the apartment's lavish historic surroundings.

The building has a grand marbled decked entrance serviced by a 24 hour reception and lifts to take you up to your room and to the other facilities...Speaking of which, these luxury apartments have inclusive access to spectacular facilities, including a gym and indoor swimming pool. There is also an on-site restaurant, Vigilante, for fine dining and an exquisite bar to indulge in before and after dinner. Maid service is a daily occurrence, and wireless internet and air conditioning is also included for your convenience.

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