Stay Cool in an Apartment this Summer

When our office’s air conditioning went kaput last week just as some of London’s hottest days of the year struck, all we had to keep us from melting into a Check-in-London group slush was numerous trips to the water cooler and afternoon voyages to Marks & Spencer for ice lollies. Having survived the humid disaster, and having finally restored liveable conditions thanks to portable fans and the weather’s goodwill, we've been thinking about the importance of living in cool and fresh environments.

Here are a few things to consider to ensure you have a pleasant and non-stuffy stay:


Finding accommodation in London with built-in air-con, whether it be hotels or apartments, is not a given. After all, we don’t have Caribbean climates or Hawaiian heat waves. Here, air-con is regarded not as a necessity but more of a luxury and, with the summer fast approaching and the return of the heat imminent, it’s becoming a more and more desirable amenity for those looking to stay in the city over the next few months.


Balconies are often desired by those who wish to walk no further than the end of their living room to soak up superb views over of our striking city and have a private area to drink and dine whilst overlooking one or some of London’s famous landmarks. But balconies are also practical in keeping your apartment comfortable and well-ventilated during the hot summer days. While you’re enjoying breathing the fresh air out there, so is your apartment - just remember to keep the doors open!

Electric Fans:

Only after a slight breeze to take the edge off that warm ambience? Without the more premium prices often required to acquire luxury amenities, electric fans may well be a suitable alternative. Plug it in and switch it on in whatever room you’re lounging in and hey presto, you have a make-shift cooling device.

These are on request in most of our serviced apartments. Just call our expert team and they’ll be happy to request one for your stay.

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