Bank Holiday in London: Food Festivals

May kindly bows out with a second long weekend as we (in theory) wave a firm goodbye to a temperamental Spring and skip into the Summer season wearing an optimistic smile. With three whole months of sun ahead of us (everything is crossed...twice) kick start your Summer in London with a range of outdoor events amidst, what appears to be, a reasonable weather forecast (now resorting to the ‘touch wood’ expression). The last Bank Holiday earlier this month was filled with colourful canal boats, urban cycling and artistic street entertainment. This time, food events are the favourable contender, serving our longing desire for a picnic and giving Summer dieters prepping for that bikini bod a final few days to indulge.

Here’s how to eat your way through your long weekend (remember, the next one is 14 weeks away!):

1. Foodies Fest

Hampton Court Palace Green, Hampton. Saturday to Monday. Admission: £15 adult, daily . Buy online

Hosting this annual food tour for the fifth time, Hampton Court Palace Green will be a swarm of bustling food stalls and pop up eateries dishing up a selection of their favourite tipples to curious food lovers and fabulous dishes to a ravenous sea of picnickers. Soak up the feasty affair with Jamies Italian and Masalaza Zone among the selection of pop-up restaurants, and don’t miss the BBQ arena and theatres dedicated to Michelin star chefs, cookery demonstrations, drink tastings, cake and bake classes and chocolate displays! There will also be live music and entertainment to keep you swaying side to side while you chomp on your culinary delights.

Amongst the thousands of people fleeing London this weekend to try their luck with the weather abroad? Not to worry, Foodies Fest returns to London in June at Clapham, and in August at Battersea. And if you’re away then too, tough - you take too many holidays.

2. Kew Gardens IncrEDibles Festival

Kew Gardens, Kew. Saturday to November, 9:30am-5:30pm. Admission: £16 adult, daily. Buy online

Opening this Saturday all Summer long, this (we'll call it food) event at Kew Gardens explores and celebrates the bountiful diversity of plants and their, yes, edible nature. The Global Kitchen Garden features over 90 exotic edible plants from around the world, and visitors will be able to observe, and even taste, these tropical floral displays of plants and trees. The centerpiece- Tutti Frutti- is a wacky invention by Bompas & Parr, who have transformed Kew’s Palm House Pond into a fruit salad punch bowl boating lake with a pineapple island at its centre, where visitors can hop aboard the fruit inspired boats and tour the lake. The gardens also feature a Rose Garden Tea Party where plants will grow out of saucers and teapots, and where you can explore the origins of some of these edible plants and what food products they're inherent in making. These collections are bound to make your tummy rumble for some juicy succulent fruit, so there are specially designed cafes set up to tickle your taste buds.

3. Street Feast

Kingsland Road, Hackney. Friday night, 5pm-midnight. Admission: Free

In the last month or so, London foodies have become accustomed to hanging out at this cool shindig on Friday nights. With an assortment of stalls from London’s most loved street food traders selling all sorts of grub in the old builder’s yard, we don’t blame them. This weekly gastronomic event is only being held for three months, so if you're staying in our Aldgate or Tower Bridge apartments and haven’t yet ventured down to this popular culinary carnival, tonight is as good a day as any. The famous cocktail bar, The Gin Store, also pops up there too to bestow a true Friday night experience.

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