Top 3 Coffee Houses in London


Are you thrilled that the sun has arrived but worried you’ve got nowhere to enjoy it this weekend? Wake up and smell the coffee at the London Coffee Festival at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, the UK’s largest coffee and artisan food festival. From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, coffee lovers from all around the UK will horde to the events ‘8 zones’ to taste exquisite espressos, watch expert demonstrations, browse food street stalls, and receive master classes on how to blend the best brew from world-class baristas. Whether you’re a keen coffee bean or don’t know your americanos from your cappuccinos, Brick Lane is the place to be for a caffeinated buzz this weekend. Tickets for the event can be purchased in advance for a reduced price of £9.50 (£12.50 on the door) from The London Coffee Festival official website.

If the festival has inspired a passion for the strong stuff and you’re suffering from a coffee comedown, why not try our top 3 coffee houses in London:

1. Monmouth

27 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden

Having roasted and retailed coffee for over 30 years, Monmouth has always been and still is THE place to drink coffee in London. With a fantastic choice of blends, from the classic Italian flat white to the fruity African coffee to the dark spicy Indian coffee, Monmouth offers a larger-than-average cup and avoids the typical extortionate city prices. It’s worth the sometimes lengthy queues, especially if you delight in one of their complementary dainty pastries, tantalizing truffles or mouth-watering chocolate. Monmouth is within a short walk from our Covent Garden Apartments, and the coffee chain also has cafe sites in Bermondsey and The Borough.

2. Kaffeine

66 Great Titchfield Street, Fitzrovia

This independent Australian/New Zealand-owned cafe is now a popular local choice for coffee since opening in 2009 and conveniently sits in a central location close to Oxford Street and just around the corner from our Devonshire Apartments in Marylebone. Kaffeine attracts London’s biggest crowds so unsurprisingly it's not the cheapest coffee refuge (but by no means the most expensive either), and it doesn’t have the iconic history that Monmouth does. But Kaffeine boasts stylistic, comforting wooden interiors, a fair sized seating area, friendly professional service and in-house freshly baked items and local market produce... and, most importantly, a good choice of coffee and a super-duper Espresso machine.

3. Flat White

17 Berwick Street, Soho

Meet the espresso experts! This artisan style coffee house, close to our West End and Oxford Street Apartments, opened in 2005 and was one of the first to bring the Antipodean roots to London. Though the flat white coffee (a stronger, smaller and creamier version of a latte) may be the most appropriate and recommended choice, the menu boasts a wide selection of other coffees for those who want to chug from a larger mug. Having featured in most of London’s ‘top 10 cafe’ guides for the last 8 years, it’s hard to sit down in the poky seating area, especially during lunchtime when they start serving sandwiches and snacks, so it’s best to enjoy it on the go.

If you’re after a new blend to tingle your taste buds or looking to conquer the coffee scene of London, The London Coffee Guide App is available for iPhone users and can now be downloaded for a special launch price of £1.99.

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