The River Cafe in Hammersmith

If there is one thing West London has that attracts a stylish mix of delightful locals and well-known celebrities, its a fine selection of riverside dining and from our 10th floor Hammersmith office window you can just about catch a glimpse of the gourmet stretch which runs from Putney to Chiswick. 
Check-in-London's Brett, who also happens to live in the neighbourhood, decided to investigate just what all the fuss was about and headed over to one of the Thames Riveiras's most acclaimed and priciest haunts, The River Cafe.

He reported back with nothing but praise for this Michelin star institution whose beautifully relaxing alfresco dining space, fresh and irresistable Italian menu and superb wine and cocktail selection make it the perfect dining experience to treat or be treated to.
The succulent pigeon that you can see Brett appreciating in the photo above, comes highly recommended as do the fabulous bellinis and for those who love a bit of star gazing, here you could tucking into tagliatelle alongside the likes of Heston Blumenthal and Johnny Depp.

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