Keep Calm & Carry On

Originating from the very attitudes in which people went about their daily lives during a time of conflict and distress in Britain, the “Keep Calm & Carry On" Poster was an understatedly simple wartime propaganda, that today has transformed into a brand of its own and taken the shape of a wide range of paradoxical memorabilia and merchandise for the modern consumer. The poster was introduced by the British Government in 1939 during the Second World War in order to encourage civilians and military personnel to maintain morale and keep spirits high, but was only ever distributed in limited numbers or forgotten in storage.
The slogan was one of three distinctive designs of the time, created with the symbolic crown of King George VI set above a striking yet easily identifiable font against a bold courageous background that was designed by an unknown civil servant of whom, sadly there are no records or trace. Only two original copies are known to have survived.

Having been resurrected back to life in 2000, the poster became a victim of commercialisation and presented us with a strong motivational message and deep rooted nationalist sentiments that associated itself with a sense of nostalgic humour that is so unmistakably British. It’s message somehow seemed to resonate through all ages and backgrounds, bringing a soothing comfort to a nation in turmoil at the time and continuing to this very day to be relevant to many battling through the trials and tribulations of our modern society.

British popular culture has embraced the mantra to “keep calm and carry on” no matter what the shortcomings or downfalls, making this graphical parody one of the most iconic designs of our generation and indeed of British history and one of the greatest inspirational posters of all time.If you are visiting England for the first time or have been here many times before and like many others, finding yourself in that never-ending predicament of which souvenir will best summarize typical England, then look beyond all the obvious tourist choices of bobby (policeman) hats, miniature black cabs and beefeater magnets. What you will truly enjoy is something with a more political and cultural agenda like the “Keep Calm and Carry On” mementos.

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