Early to Bed and Early to Rise

"Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" was published by Benjamin Franklin who has also sometimes been mistakenly been credited for the concept of Daylight Saving Time.

Daylight Saving time was implemented in England around 1916 and was conceptualised by New Zealand entomologist George Vernon Hudson who found the after-hours daylight extremely useful to his hobby of collecting insects. Here are some interesting clocks we came across during our apartment visits around London.

South Ealing Apartments 
Mechanical design elements  makes this oversized clock quite interesting.

Jumeirah Grosvenor House Apartments
This sleek digital timepiece is also an iPod dock and an FM player
Technology at it's best.

Sussex Gardens Apartments 
Minimalistic clock hands set a stylish mood to a contemporary living space. 

Ascott Mayfair House Apartments
This old classic wooden mantel clock fits perfectly in it's sophisticated Mayfair home.

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