Below Ground Level

Living on the Lower Ground Floor may not be to everyone’s liking, and sometimes the thought of a basement flat could be enough to entirely put off a guest from a great property. But the reason we are talking about Lower Ground Floor Apartments today is because of their overlooked cost-effective advantages.

Most traditional properties including Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian style of residential buildings in and around the capital have a Lower Ground Floor. Historically speaking, this may have once been the quarters for servants or storage, but recent refurbishments and conversions have turned this below-street level of space into more attractive fully-contained spacious apartments.

Contrary to its damp, cold and dark reputation, Lower Ground Floor Apartments offer a bright, spacious, warm and welcoming atmohsphere and hold the keys to a great value stay in the capital.

What can you expect ?

  • More Space Apartments on the Lower Ground Floor are usually more spread out and spacious than apartments on the higher levels and make the perfect retreat for families, groups of travellers and sharing professionals. 
  • Outdoor Living There is usually an added bonus of outdoor space like a private patio or terrace where you can enjoy some alfresco dining and entertaining. 
  • Private Entrance A separate stairway usually leads to the Lower Ground Floor giving you added privacy and independence.
  • Top Location Exclusive or popular neighbourhoods of London can be well out of reach for some travellers, but choosing a Lower Ground Floor apartment may be the perfect compromise if you want to stay in a prime area for an affordable price.
  • Good Availability & Bargain Basements With most people usually choosing to stay on a higher floor, availability is usually good and discounted prices are pretty likely meaning more savings for guests.  
Our top Lower Ground Floor Apartments :
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