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11 Oct 2012

Seek And You Shall Find - Your Perfect Serviced Apartment

Looking for a Serviced Apartment in a city like London can be so daunting. With so many great locations, its not the easiest decision if your visiting the capital for the first time or have some specific requirements while traveling.

Friends who have stayed have clearly enjoyed the savings, not to mention the convenience of space and self catering that is ideal for families or long stays and are urging you to give it a go, assuring you of the benefits serviced apartments have over hotel rooms. So why is it taking so long to find the right apartment ?

'Serviced Apartments' can sometimes be misrepresented and maybe perceived as hotel lodging or inn-like but make no mistake these apartments offer some of the most chic and contemporary accommodation for city living today. Of course, price does play a huge part in the overall experience and if your looking for something budget don't expect 24hour reception. However if your planning to make your trip to London a memorable one, mid-range apartments offer the ideal choice for business or leisure travellers who don't want to be troubled by messy tenancy contracts and service bills of an unserviced property or the restrictions of overpriced hotel rooms. The flexibility and true cost saving advantages that serviced apartments offer are not easy to ignore and with the trend of the Home Away From Home gaining such momentum the industry is growing rapidly.

But for now, Yes the industry has got some fundamental issues that need sorting out for example, Instant Availability. The fluctuating supply of serviced apartments has left a somewhat fragmented network that is being focussed on and is in the process of being streamlined and standardized to offer better accommodation solutions to visitor and a more reliable service.

Well its only human to want to ask for help ? and guess what, help is on hand. Check-in-london Serviced Apartments brings you the selection you Want with the service you Need to find yourself the perfect apartment to suit your budget and needs whether your traveling alone, with friends or with family. Our team is based in Central London and offer you their dedicated support and assistance with their extensive experience of serviced apartment rentals and knowledge of London completely free of charge.

The big question thats on all our minds is - What will it be like ? Now, there is no way you can possibly know what the apartment will be like if your booking it from abroad. But thats not a problem as we keep things simple yet informative offering you a detailed summary of the apartments as well as pictures and videos where possible giving you a brief idea of the area, local amenities, transport links and main attractions so that you can make the all-important decision that will ensure you have an enjoyable stay in the capital. We guarantee you the best rates in London and provide clear and concise check-in and check-out procedures making it easy to book your accommodation without any hassle.

Below Ground Level

Living on the Lower Ground Floor may not be to everyone’s liking, and sometimes the thought of a basement flat could be enough to entirely put off a guest from a great property. But the reason we are talking about Lower Ground Floor Apartments today is because of their overlooked cost-effective advantages.

Most traditional properties including Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian style of residential buildings in and around the capital have a Lower Ground Floor. Historically speaking, this may have once been the quarters for servants or storage, but recent refurbishments and conversions have turned this below-street level of space into more attractive fully-contained spacious apartments.

Contrary to its damp, cold and dark reputation, Lower Ground Floor Apartments offer a bright, spacious, warm and welcoming atmohsphere and hold the keys to a great value stay in the capital.