Unmissable Art Exhibitions in London

Masterpieces in London

London is bursting with exhibitions of fine works of art from some of the world’s greatest artists featuring unmissable collections by Damien Hirst, Picasso, Lucian Frued, J.W. Turner & Leonardo Da Vinci.

Whether you are a fine art connoisseur or just someone inspired by sheer genius & skill, you are sure to enjoy these superb exhibits that include some of the largest and most exclusive selections of pieces ever displayed together, compiled for your viewing pleasure.

Marvel and admire their different dimensions and depths and uncover the passion behind the artists that created these exceptional masterpieces which have influenced generations of artists in the years to follow.

Our top Art Exhibitions currently on are :

1. Damien Hirst at Tate Modern until 9 September.

With over 70 iconic pieces, be amazed by this controversial artist who has become famous for his shocking and un-conventional works of art like a picked shark, diamond skull and bisected cow and calf.

2. Picasso and Modern British Art at Tate Britain until 15 July.
Explore Picasso’s ties with Britannia and take a closer look at how this Spanish artist influenced British Modern Art and British artists including the likes of Henry Moore, Francis Bacon and David Hockney.

3. Lucian Freud Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery until 27 May.
This extraordinary range of realistic portraits display more than 100 of Freud’s most notable pieces covering family, friends, acquaintances, artists, performers and even the Queen reflecting an eclectic and intriguing body of work from the 1940s till his death in July 2011.

4. Turner Inspired : In the Light of Claude at the National Gallery until 5 June.
Bold and enlightening, this noteworthy exhibition investigates the comparison between JW Turner’s works of art to that of The Old Master Claude, who was said to have had a strong influence on the artist's vision and technique of painting.

5. Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomist at The Queen's Gallery until 7 October.
A dazzling portrayal of Da Vinci’s understanding of Human Anatomy in these remarkably accurate anatomical drawings from this Renaissance genius on display at the Queens Gallery in Buckingham Palace.

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