The Olympic Countdown at Trafalgar Square

The sun is out and anyone in London right now will tell you that Spring is in the Air ! .. Also the countdown to the Olympics have started and if you are ever doubtful how long is left to go then do not worry pop down to Trafalgar Square for a glimpse of the massive 2012 Olympic watch counting down the seconds, minutes, hours and days till the event , sponsored by OMEGA the official timekeepers of the games.

We also noticed this oversized Ship in a Bottle and were wondering what it was all about. Here are some pictures as it is quite impressive. The installation sits on one of the large podiums to the left of the National Gallery and is called 'Nelson's Ship in a Bottle' by Yinka Shonibare, celebrating the British Empire and all its glorious victories. Weighing in at 4 tons and over 3 metres high, the bottle represents multiculturalism and ethnic wealth brought to British shores over the years.

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