Royal Wedding Celebrations in London

We are absolutely delighted to hear about the Royal Wedding and cannot wait for the big day that Prince William and Catherine Middleton tie the knot at Westminster Abbey in London. The couple chose this remarkable venue because of its staggering beauty, its 1,000 years of royal history and its relative intimacy despite its size. The high profile event is set to draw in many admirers from foreign and home shores alike and is predicted to be watched by over 1 billion people.

As Londoners and fans of the Royal family, we are keenly looking forward to the celebrations. We are also going to try our best to catch a glimpse of the famous Royal couple on their big day. The day will officially be a holiday in the United Kingdom and will follow on from the Easter Bank holiday. A rise in prices for accommodation so if you are considering visiting London during this special event, be sure to book in advance.

Best locations to see the the Royal Wedding in London:

1. Victoria
Catherine Middleton will most likely consider the neighbourhood of Victoria because of its convenient location and closeness to Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace and will surely want to stay close by in a luxury hotel the night before her big day. The security will be increased to ensure the safety and privacy of her and her family in and around the Victoria neighbourhood. If you are visiting London, you may want to consider staying in an apartment in London Victoria to be close to all the excitement.

2. Westminster
Home to the beautiful Westminster Abbey, where the couple have chosen to have their ceremony, this will be a main focus point throughout the celebrations and will be a good place to catch a glimpse of the bride and groom. You can also book a short let apartment in Westminster to be within walking distance of the Royal Wedding celebrations.

3. Buckingham Palace and The Mall

The bride and groom will head to Buckingham Palace after they tie the knot, so you can expect to see the streets around Buckingham Palace and the Mall crowded as ever with well wishers. If you stay long enough you can even spot the couple on the balcony.

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