A Bird's Eye View of London

London is a beautiful city but as you head upwards, the historic buildings, picturesque landscape and famous attractions really do begin to take your breath away.

It's amazing to think just how big the city is and it's almost impossible to cover all ground, especially if you're in town for a short while. However, for those looking to make the most of their London adventure, a birds eye view of the city is a must-see.

Staring from the roof of the Cathedral or even a hilltop somewhere green and leafy you can catch stunning views across the City that are sure to make your trip a memorable one. Alternatively, you could always get your London views the lazy way by staying in one of the stunning London apartments with a view!

Here are some of our highly recommended spots :

  • The London Eye 
This popular attraction definitely offers you some of the best views in London from the comfort of your very own glass pod! Sitting on the banks of the River Thames, the London Eye showcases London in all its glory and is absolutely magical around sunset with a view span of up to 40km.

  • St. Paul's Cathedral 
Another popular tourist attraction and one of London's most significant landmarks, the cathedral also offers stunning views across the capital from its Golden Gallery and is surely worth the 530 steps you need to climb to reach the top.

  • Primrose Hill 
On A budget? Don't worry this one is completely free and is surely one of the best views of London as it is on top of the hill nearly 63 metres or 206 feet above sea level and is home to some of the city's rich and famous! Look closely and you might even spot a celebrity.

  • Tower Bridge 
The Tower Bridge Exhibition Tour overlooks the River Thames and some of London's famous landmarks like the Gherkin, St Pauls Cathedral and the London Eye. Explore the wonders of the Victorian Engine Rooms and ride the virtual bridge lift.
  • The OXO Tower 
Sip on a cocktail while taking in breathtaking views of London and the River Thames at the OXO tower. As one of the best restaurants with views in London, you can dine in style and enjoy an entertaining evening with the city all around you.

  • The Monument 
Trek up 311 steps to witness 360-degree views of London at its best from this tall stone Roman column in the heart of the City of London that was built in the 1670s to commemorate the Great Fire of London, which destroyed much of the city.

To enjoy more stunning, alfresco views over London, check out our list of the top rooftop bars in London!

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