Eco-friendly Apartments

With the whole world gearing up to sustain the planet and help conserve the environment, it's only necessary that Serviced Apartments jump onboard too. Yes, we all cannot live without our home comforts and we also need to be in the heart of the bustling city, so lodging out in the woods might not be the ideal solution if we want to save the world. Fortunately for us, Serviced Apartments and Hotels alike have begun to adopt CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility ) into their business strategies and provide us with affordable and comfortable accommodation that does not cost the earth. You don't have to increase your carbon footprint every time you want to go on holiday. Greener travel shouldn't be a mystery but a means to attract new customers with the potential to grow business instead of being a hassle. You can opt for a Eco Serviced Apartment whether you are travelling on business or leisure.

Green Accommodation is great but what exactly does it mean ? Serviced Apartments can take various measures to help our environment. They can :

1. Reduce Waste
2. Use Local Suppliers
3. Source Organic Food
4. Recycle
5. Use Energy Saving Appliances i.e Bulbs
6. Donate to Charities

Going Green takes alot of commitment but with growing customer demand, it is something Serviced Apartments are taking very seriously. But its not only the Accommodation providers who can help. We too can lend a hand by changing the way we travel.

1. Supporting Independent traders and Local Shops
2. Reducing Laundry
3. Saving energy by turning off appliances that are not being used.
4. Recycling
5. Using public transport

So the next time you travel ask your London Short Term Flats how they are contributing to saving the planet. Every little helps make the world a better place to travel in.

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